This project stemmed from our team's study on the Filipino youth’s unwillingness to seek emotional help from others, and our desire to help solve this issue.

We found out the extent of the youth’s self-reliance when it comes to dealing with their emotional problems and the various reasons behind this. For this reason, we decided it would be best to have a discussion with them about these reasons, and present to them different ideas that does not necessarily invalidate their reasons, but only serves as a suggestion or another possibility.

We then involve ourselves by directly giving them the space to interact with others, and explore the idea of being more open towards others naturally, with no coercion.


Through the use of a storybook, Kinaiya Project aims to put attention to the issue of the Filipino youth being emotionally and mentally closed off to others that a lot of them are experiencing, but are not necessarily readily aware of. It acts essentially as a way to discuss this issue like a philosophical debate or essay, that is under the guise of a compelling narrative with relateable characters.

That also means that not only are we able to discuss this issue on a deep level, but also in a way that is interesting to the youth, compared to if it were just an essay.

Another goal that Kinaiya Project has is to start a community centered around people's interest in the storybook, where in it provides a safe space for people to chat and start opening themselves up. After all, you can't force yourself to open up entirely, this is a process that has to be done little by little, starting from the outside, shallow end of a person (e.g. interests, etc).


The name "Kinaiya" is an old Cebuano word, that means the attribute, the characteristic, or trait that makes up something. This are the parts that make up the whole of something.

To us, it means the essence of who we are as a person; what makes ourselves unique from the next person from our beliefs, to our interests, including our own problems that burden us. Opening up to others and allowing them to share in that burden means that we have to entrust them in revealing them what is essentially our true self; our true Kinaiya.