VANEA and her brother were a part of the Human-Gormotti wars 1000 years ago and were stabbed and killed by the Humans, which made her really angry towards them at first. When she woke up she saw that she was taken into care by a bunch of Humans in the Refuge. When interacting with the residents, she discovers that these are all Gormotti who fled from the hideout years ago to escape the fighting that happened then, and would potentially happen again. Part of this place was run by Humans who are actually compassionate and understanding towards the Gormotti and their past, but are too powerless to do anything of substance to help other than to take care of those residing in the Refuge. She then realizes how pointless all this fighting is and just wants to end it all.

Because of this, she leaves the refuge to ask the Gormotti to stop fighting and make peace with the Humans instead, the Gormotti doesn't want to listen to her plea and still insists on killing all of them because they cannot trust them anymore. That's why she set out to find REYN to help her try and convince them to make peace instead.