There once was a race of beings named Gormotti, who lived alongside Humans peacefully. They possess a cat-like face and ears, but with everything else looking similar to Human-features. They live for a significantly longer time than humans, but cannot reproduce very quickly. One of these Gormotti was EGIL, who was friends with this Human named Arglas. They were both the leaders of their own people, and they bonded over longing for a world beyond what they can see; a world that is eternally prosperous and having limitless freedom where both Humans and Gormotti can live peacefully.

Though not all Humans shared the same sentiment. The humans found out how prosperous and lavish the living conditions of the Gormotti are compared to theirs, which had more poverty and hardship. So naturally, some of the Humans started secretly growing envious, until it eventually grew into feelings of animosity towards the Gormotti. They also saw Arglas as the cause of why they’re suffering, since they blame his poor leadership. They kept this under the rug especially when in front of Arglas, since they knew that him and the Gormotti had a good relationship, so he never knew about this. The Humans knew how wrong these feelings were but they just couldn’t help it.

Because of this, a group of poor Humans schemed up a plan on taking down the Gormotti so they could take the lives that they live for themselves. They knew that starting a fight against them would be an easy way to lose since the Gormotti has skin that can’t be pierced by Human weaponry, and so they turned to Sorcery. They planned on using this to summon forth the power of a god and bestow upon someone the weapon that can pierce through the Gormotti’s skin and flesh. The only question now is who is going to be the willing victim? They knew it can’t just be one of them because Arglas will just have his army go after that person, and so the only person who made sense to have those powers is Arglas himself. From then on, it was all a matter of convincing him to turn against Gormotti.

Long story short, the group of Humans successfully gaslit Arglas into thinking the Gormotti was a threat, that EGIL wasn’t to be trusted, and to push through with the sorcery. When they executed it, they quickly realized that not only was it affecting Arglas, but all the other Humans in the room at the time as well. The power of the gods were then bestowed on him and those people, and they gained the ability to see snippets of the near future, and a Crys sword that only those of a certain type of person can wield; the only blade that can pierce the skin of the Gormotti The Humans then eventually started calling these types of people the Belmonds, and having Belmond blood running through their veins, Arglas being the new-found leader.

The thing they didn’t know though, is that EGIL heard talks of this coming days prior, and knew that the Humans had wanted to deceive Arglas. However, when he tried to intervene and explain himself to Arglas, it was already too late; they had already convinced him to turn against the Gormotti and his dear friend. He then started an attack against EGIL and the Gormotti, they fought back, but the Belmonds fought even harder, killing a lot of them, including EGIL himself. He was slain by his very own hands.

Until his dying breath, EGIL had sought to talk to Arglas and convince him that it was all a lie, but he failed to do so and didn’t get the chance to. He felt like he had failed Arglas, and was disappointed and mad at himself for not being good enough to save him from the deceitful Humans, whom he also had despised.

The Gormotti was then eventually completely wiped out, or so Arglas thought. Little did they know though, that there were a few Gormotti who survived and went into hiding, hoping that one day they’ll get their revenge for killing their leader and wiping out most of them. One of them is VANEA.

In the following years after, the Belmonds enjoyed a prosperous life, sprouting many children with the same blood, being eternally spoiled by their riches. Eventually, REYN’s grandfather, who is knowingly a part of this, started learning of the atrocities associated with this bloodline, and started to reject and be ashamed of the name Belmond (their family name). So he banished himself from the family and started fresh on his own, a place where no Belmond can ever find. He changed his family name to Nicholson, to completely sever himself from their ties and so that their children do not have to bear the burden of that family’s past.

Years later, REYN was born into the world, living an ordinary life as a Nicholson.